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Remove your queue around the block and nail enrolment day with Admissions+

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Improve your system and be audit-ready for the ESFA with Bursary 16+

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You can refer to as many schools as you wish. For each new school, you refer you’ll earn a 10% discount. After you complete the form, the school you refer to will be contacted by one of our team and they will receive a code granting them a 10% discount. You and your friend’s school will both receive 10% off your first year’s subscription fee.

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a link to arrange this will automatically be sent to you once you register for a Demo-on-Demand







The more schools in a MAT, the bigger the discount!

Join the growing community of Applicaa schools by 01 Sept & save 20% or MORE for MATs. Manage data, digitise admissions, streamline communications and give your students the best start to their school journey.

  • 50% off the first year’s license for the 1st school in a Local Authority area (LA) OR MAT 50% 50%
  • 25% off for the 2nd school in an LA OR MAT 25% 25%
  • 15% off for the 3rd school in an LA OR MAT 15% 15%
All discounts only apply to the FIRST YEAR’s license subscription fee.

Make your life easier with these powerful recruitment tools and live reporting

Using Admissions+ means you can import all your internal students ahead of time and then add in your external applicants and ensure a smooth and efficient enrolment process. Ensure Sixth Form retention of your most able students.

Grabe these 2 Fantastic Offers for Admissions+

Transform your school’s processes and enrolment with Admissions+. Avail these 2 amazing offers now and enjoy the features.

  • Auto enroll students who meet grades
  • Communicate with applicants and parents
  • Automatically transfer data to your MIS
  • Say goodbye to manual entry!

2 Enrolment Days for the Price of One

15 months contract for Single Form

Free DATA+ for SIMS Schools Multiform

15 month contract for All Years
(Year 7 – Year 12)

Manage your 16-19
Bursary fund

Effectively reduce your workload and save more time by using our simple and well-designed Bursary16+ system. The system can

  • Manage multiple applications for Bursaries
  • Check data eligibility
  • Process multiple receipts
  • Authorize bursary payments automatically
  • Provide stable communication with the Finance team
  • Keep track of payments

30% off for existing customer

Additional £100.00 for Implementation

25% off if purchased with Admissions+

Additional £300.00 for Implementation

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After a smooth enrolment process?

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