Applicaa Partners

Our products integrate with the market-leading MISs including SIMS, iSAMS, Bromcom, and Arbor. We also have built-in digital signatures and an online gateway.

Market-Leading MIS that Applicaa Products integrate with.

For more information on our integrations please visit this page. 

Industry events and partners Applicaa supports and works with


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Our partnership programme includes the 3 levels below, please complete the form to inform us of your interest in working with us. Our team loves working with sector organisations whether it be MIS providers, school suppliers, independent school suppliers, or other firms interested in digital admissions and digital transformation of school applications.

  • 🎖️Bronze level – cross-promotions, newsletters, social media, joint webinars
  • 🏆Silver level – referral programme with referral fee for Applicaa product sales
  • 🌟Gold level – full re-seller partner. Revenue share for sales leveraged by your organisation.