Speed up Admissions into your School

Primary and Nursery

Transform the experience for new families joining your nursery or primary school.

A personalised experience to all prospective families

Maximise the number of students in your nursery or primary school and remove time-consuming, manual work. Give your students the best start to school and know all about them before they even join.

Nursery Reception

Publish form

The school shares the Nursery Application Form link on school website, this will usually be your Applicaa site following /nursery

E.g. https://demo.applicaa.com/nursery

Parent register

Parents will self-register to create a new parent account on the system

Submit application

Parent can complete and submit new nursery applications online.

MIS Import

Once parents have submitted the forms, you can transfer the data from Admissions+ to your school’s MIS System.

Receive data

Once the school receives the offers list from the Local Authority, you need remove students already on-roll at the school from the offer list


The remaining parents and (new) students are imported into Admissions+.

Welcome email

A welcome email sent to parents so they can complete the forms

Form completion

Parent complete and submit the application form online.

MIS Import

Once parents have submitted the forms, you can import completed profile to your school MIS system.


The data from Admissions+ and your school’s MIS System will be synchronise. The platform make it easier to make and track offers