Reimagine Primary School admissions

Are you ready for Primary School National Offer Day in April? With Admissions+, you can import the list from the LA, send a beautifully designed email to all the parents, they then complete the additional information you need online. You receive the information (typed – no reading errors!) and with just a few clicks, you can transfer all the accurate data straight into your MIS.

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Manage all your school’s application needs with Applicaa

Online Applications

Automatic MIS Transfer

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Admissions+ Year 7 Transition

Transform the experience for families joining your school

Admissions+ Primary & Nursery

Transform the experience for families joining your primary school.

Admissions+ Year 12

Grow your Sixth Form and give your new students the best start possible!


Manage all your school's bursary applications, budget and annual reviews online with Bursary16+

Independent Schools

Provide your prospective parents with an enjoyable and seamless applciation journey from enquiry to offer and acceptance.


Manage all your school's bursary applications, budget and annual reviews online with Bursary+

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Multi-Academy Trusts

  • MAT Dashboard
  • Single sign-on
  • Generate Reports
  • Track performance across schools
  • Invaluable insights for marketing
  • Live data dashboard across multiple schools
  • Share and view information across a trust
  • Simple data migration into your MIS
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Sixth Form Colleges & Schools

  • Deliver a fast, efficient enrolment day
  • Boost sixth form numbers
  • Streamline applications
  • View live enrolment data
  • Manage any In-Year Admissions
  • Obtain online references
  • Deliver communication via the platform
  • Book and invite students to interviews
  • Manage event bookings online

Bursary 16+

  • Single bursary management
  • Track expenditure online
  • Email parents and students
  • Personalised branding
  • Auto calculate awards
  • Online uploading of documents
  • View up-to-date balance
  • Authorise requests online
  • Centralise admin relating to bursaries

Year 7

  • Capture data for free
  • Ensure accurate data
  • Online completion
  • Single admissions form
  • Email parents and students
  • E-signatures
  • Import and Export Data
  • Create and manage events
  • Virtual Open Days

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