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Online Admissions Management
Online Admissions Management

Collect all your student information online. Book events and meetings eg: parent-teacher meetings, after-school clubs, open days.

Manage all your independent school bursary needs with Bursary+.
Online applications
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Our mission is to ensure that every child has the best start to their school journey. 

Created by teachers for teachers, Applicaa’s web-based admissions platform serves over 500 schools, colleges and MATs across the UK.

Sixth Form Growth

Sixth Forms using our software report 20-30% growth in numbers within 2-years. 

Primary Schools

Transform the journey and experience for families joining your primary school or nursery.

Independent Schools

Easily manage digital admissions, communication, bursaries and online deposit payments.

Multiple Schools? No Problem

Admissions+ is used by several large school groups including AET, ARK, and United Learning. Our powerful dashboard displays cross-school LIVE data at a glance!

MATS & Groups

Manage bursary applications quickly and easily with Bursary+

Working with the Head Office and school teams at the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the largest and most established UK group of independent schools for girls, Applicaa has developed a completely new cloud-based bursary management platform.

Our Success

Manage all your school’s application needs with Applicaa.

Online Applications

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