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Online Admissions Management
Online Admissions Management

Collect all your student information online. Book events and meetings eg: parent-teacher meetings, after-school clubs, open days.

Manage all your independent school bursary needs with Bursary+.
Online applications
Live data dashboard
Evidence upload
Financial Management

Admissions+ is a powerful software serving over 500 schools & colleges, which enables web-based enrolment from initial enquiry to acceptance or admission using a fully digitised process.

Year 12

Easy admissions management that will help grow your Sixth Form numbers

Year 7 & EYFS

Transform the experience for families joining your school or nursery. 

Independent Schools

Online admissions system with secure signature and online deposit payments. 

Multiple Schools? No Problem

Admissions+ is used by several large school groups including AET, ARK, and United Learning. The Group Dashboard aids multi-school management by showing data across schools at a glance.

MATS & Groups

Manage your bursary applications quickly and easily with Bursary+

Working with the Head Office and school teams at the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), the largest and most established UK group of independent schools for girls, Applicaa has developed a completely new cloud-based bursary management platform.

Our Success

Bring your admissions online with Admissions+

Online Applications

Automatic MIS Transfer

Easy Event Management

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