Online Admissions Management
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Online Admissions Management
Digital School Application Management

Collect student information online. Book events and meetings, manage communications. Transfer data directly to your school's MIS.

Digital bursary management for independent schools.
Online applications
Live data dashboard
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Financial Management

Our mission is to ensure that every child has the best start to their school journey. Created by teachers for teachers, Applicaa’s digital application platforms serve 500+ schools, colleges and MATs.

Sixth Form Growth

Sixth Forms using our software report 20-30% growth in numbers within 2-years.

Primary Schools

Transform the journey and experience for families joining your primary school or nursery.

Independent Schools

Digital admissions management, reporting, communication, bursary management and online payments.

School group or MAT? 

Leading MATs use Admissions+ for powerful reporting and live data across schools, including AET, ARK, and United Learning.


MATS & Groups

Speedy bursary applications with Bursary+

Working with the Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST), Applicaa developed Bursary+ a cloud-based bursary management platform for independent schools.


Power Your Applications

Manage all your school’s application needs with Applicaa.

Online Applications

Automatic MIS Transfer

Easy Event Management

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