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Independent School Onboarding

‘It’s a 5-minute job for them, perfect!’

Do you spend valuable time dealing with admin and manually entering data? Watch our demo below to see how Admissions+ and Bursary+ make it an easy, smooth, digital process!

Many of our school customers report a 20% increase in pupil numbers within 2-years of using Admissions+ due to its easy, cloud-based offering, improved communication and accurate data capture.

For Digital Onboarding Management

Online enquiries

Parents complete online enquiry forms relating to school events, applications, and requests for prospectuses, etc.


Admissions teams easily engage with the enquirer by email or phone to follow up the initial enquiry. All communications are recorded and easily accessible.

Events & Marketing

The Events module manages attendance, maintains attendance records, and empowers marketing staff.

Easy for Parents

Parents complete their registration form, paying the registration fee online. Data is transferred into your MIS (iSAMS, or SIMS).

Offers & Contracts

Personalised digital offers are made to parents with no manual paperwork. Eligibility is checked and deposits are taken. Bank details can be collected and Direct Debits can be created. Contracts created and shared automatically

Welcome Pack

Welcome packs are completed online. Students are now ready to start at school. Parents have enjoyed a trouble free, modern, digital enrolment journey.

For Independent and International Schools

With Bursary+, you can move all your bursary application and management needs online.

Bursary+ is a separate platform designed for independent schools to manage the application, review & offer of a fee assistance bursary and annual renewal management.

Bursary+ enables a swift application online to provide secure storage with an algorithm that calculates and suggests the eligibility for a bursary.

Our Partners

Our products integrate with the market-leading MISs including SIMS, iSAMS, Brcomcom, Arbor and Cloud-School. We also have built in digital signatures and an online payment gateway.

Manage all your school’s bursary applications, budget and annual reviews online

Schools love Bursary+

Online Bursary Applications

No need to ask parents to complete long paper application forms. Bursary+ makes online bursary applications easy. Gather all a family’s financial information and documentation online and use the Bursary+ calculations to support an informed school decision quickly.

No complicated paperwork

Gather all of the family’s financial information and documentation online and use the Bursary+ calculations to quickly support an informed school decision.

Parents apply online easily

Families log in online and complete the application using our simple and effective process.

Key Features

Save Time and Money

Our schools report making Bursary decisions in as little as 10 minutes.

Easy Online Applications

Parents find it easy to complete forms and upload documentation online for new applications – in their own time. You can easily monitor progress.

Secure Data Storage

Data is stored securely abiding by ISO standards. User permissions can be used to restrict who has access.

Manage Financial Records

Simplify the bursary system and ease financial management.

Manage Annual Renewals

Easily managed your bursarial reviews managed

Review Bursarial Budget

Always know how much bursarial budget remains.

Effective Communications

Easily communicate individually and in bulk while records are stored in one place. Configure automated emails and set notifications to yourself.

Live Data Dashboard

See live data updates on the bursary dashboard.

Our Pricing

Bursary+ billed annually per school

Number of Bursaries

Regular Price

0 – 30 £995.00
31 – 50 £1450.o0
51-100 £2050.00
101-150 £2650.00
150+ £3250.00
  • Set-up, support, and training for the first year is a one-off fee of £600.00 per school
  • Prices start from less than £18 per application!

What’s included

  • Bursary application form
  • Algorithm to indicate bursary eligibility
  • Communications functionality
  • Includes evidence for income, outgoings, assets and liabilities
  • Free training
  • School branding
  • Activity log
  • Dashboard with live data
  • Manage role permissions
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Export & import function
  • Automate & schedule emails
  • E-signature
  • Multi-school dashboard
  • Online ticketing system

We Protect You & Your Data

Applicaa is committed to protecting the privacy of third parties and all other affiliated subdomains. Our client and prospect data is stored on Hubspot’s product infrastructure, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the United States East region and no data will be transferred outside of the UK.

ISO Certification

2 Factor Authentication

All data is held and stored in the UK

Secure Server with SSL Encryption

Multiple Firewalls

Automatic Logout

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