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Streamline your admissions process

Year 7 Data Collection

Transform the experience for new families joining your school. Remove hassle and admin for busy parents!

Streamline admissions with special benefits
Get reliable, accurate information from parents
Remove manual data entry into the school MIS!
Offer families one simple easy-to-use online solution
Collect parental consent using digital signatures
Enhance school communication with parents

Year 7 Data Collection Process

Receive data

Parents and students complete online enquiry forms. Enquiries from school events, Open Days holiday clubs etc are all captured online.


The admissions team telephone or email the enquirer to follow-up the initial enquiry.

Welcome email

An Open Day or individual school visit is arranged for the family to see and experience the school.

Form completion

Applicants complete their Registration Form and pay their Registration Fee online. All data entered is transferred into iSAMS, SIMS, etc. No manual data entry!

Aquire information

Once you have collected the information from your prospective pupils and parents, you can use the platform to:

  • Request CTFs and Transition Information from their current schools
  • You can also use collected data to organise pupils into Form Groups

See the section below for more information

MIS Import

Offers made and distributed to every student on the Admissions+ system with no manual paperwork.


Acceptance forms are completed online. Deposits are paid online by BACS transfer. The finance, admissions and marketing teams all have a clear record of transactions.

Onboarding your pupils and parents!

Great, so you have now collected all the data you need from parents. What’s next?
From working with admissions leaders and data manager, we know this is not the end of the process but can be just the beginning. This is the stage where schools start to prepare the pupil and parents to join the school or as we like to call it “Onboarding them”

Admissions+ will help you do these additional jobs all in one place and lightning fast!

Collecting CTFs from feeder schools

The “CTF Wizard allows you to:

  • See a list of feeder schools that will be sending you students in the Autumn, along with which students are coming from each school.
  • Automatically ping them a secure message (that you create and configure), asking them to send you these students’ CTF files (and physical files if you wish!), giving them all the information they need to do this. (The message is GDPR-compliant because it requires feeder schools to log into our system to get the actual list of students and their DOBs.)
  • Place a ‘tick’ next to each school’s name as they send you the files you need.
  • Send a reminder to those schools that haven’t sent them in yet (especially useful when the Autumn Census deadline looms!!!)

Securely Collecting Transition Data

To ensure your students get the best possible start at their new school, it’s helpful to get as much information from their previous schools as you can. With this tool you can:

  • Customise a form with questions that you want to ask feeder schools and automatically send it to the school automatically online.
  • The form will prompt the students’ previous teachers to briefly (and securely!) send you some information about the attainment of your students – their strengths, their weaknesses, who they work particularly well with, and who their mortal enemies are (useful when deciding tutor groups!)
  • Once the information’s been sent (securely!) back to your school, you can send it on to relevant colleagues such as Heads of Department and your SENCO.
  • If you want, you’ll also be able to import this information directly into your MIS

Smart sorting pupils into Form Groups

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account when sorting pupils into form groups, such as: Gender balance, Friendship groups, Academic attainment, Special Educational Needs, Ethnicity and Feeder school.

Rather than having to export the data to an spreadsheet and spend hours fiddling around with it. The Form Group Sorting Hat will automatically organise your pupils into groups based on your criteria. You will also be able to fine tune the groups by moving pupils from one group to another.