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Where is the central database for every Sixth Form Course?

As a young person in education, finding the right course can often be a daunting task. Fortunately, at several key stages, there are central databases that make this search process more manageable and accessible to school leavers, whether it be finding a University...

5 Superpowers of Applicaa’s Native Integrations with School MISs

We understand the paramount importance of maintaining accurate data in your Management Information System (MIS). This accuracy is crucial for pupil safety and fosters robust communication between the school and parents, forming the cornerstone upon which a school's...

Working smarter not harder 

I was on a demo with a school this week, they were considering Applicaa to help them streamline their admissions & enrolment process. I was hugely encouraged that one of the school staff said their Headteacher was on a mission to help his staff work smarter, not...

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