Admissions+ Videos

Please view our videos below from school leaders using our products.

Leicester Grammar School

Natalie from Leicester Grammar School shares the benefits of Admissions+ for an independent school using SIMS MIS.


Dan from the GDST explains how Bursary+ has helped the group to manage their bursaries online across 25 schools.

St. Paul's Primary School

Jillian from St. Paul’s Primary School says Admissions+ is much faster and that they can create auto-alerts for parents to complete the admissions forms.

Chelsea Academy

Jackie from Chelsea Academy speaks about the SIMS MIS transfer from Admissions+

Jersey College for Girls

Kate from Jersey College for Girls on the time saving and workload reduction.

Wren Academy Trust

Maria from Wren Academy Trust on the support available from Applicaa.

Wyke Regis Primary Federation

Lucy, formerly of Wyke Regis Primary Federation (now Applicaa!) explains how much time she saved with Admissions+.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust

Marlene explains how easy it is to transfer accurate data into your school MIS.

Southbank UTC

Donna explains how easy it is to produce data and reports.

The Judd School

Ben highlights the key benefits that Admissions+ has for The Judd School.

Stamford Endowed Schools

Sue shares how she no longer needs to use external bursary management agencies anymore because Bursary+ does it all!

Eastbury Community School

Dom compares how admissions worked with Eastbury Community School before and after using Admissions+.

St Dominic's College

Hear from Robin, Hansa, Natasha and James on how Admissions+ transformed their enrolment day.

The Inspiration Trust

Graham shares how Enrolment Day now runs really smoothly with Admissions+ – no more queues of students around the block!

ALET, ARK, GDST & Greenshaw Learning Trust

Sarah, James, Dan & Marlene share how Admissions+ has made their MATs more efficient.

London Design & Engineering UTC

Sonya describes how Admissions+ made their enrolment process run really smoothly and saved so much time.