Admissions+ Videos

Please view our videos below from school leaders using our products.

Leicester Grammar School

Natalie from Leicester Grammar School shares the benefits of Admissions+ for an independent school using SIMS MIS.


Dan from the GDST explains how Bursary+ has helped the group to manage their bursaries online across 25 schools.

St. Paul's Primary School

Jillian from St. Paul’s Primary School says Admissions+ is much faster and that they can create auto-alerts for parents to complete the admissions forms.

Chelsea Academy

Jackie from Chelsea Academy speaks about the SIMS MIS transfer from Admissions+

Jersey College for Girls

Kate from Jersey College for Girls on the time saving and workload reduction.

Wren Academy Trust

Maria from Wren Academy Trust on the support available from Applicaa.

Wyke Regis Primary Federation

Lucy, formerly of Wyke Regis Primary Federation (now Applicaa!) explains how much time she saved with Admissions+.

The Greenshaw Learning Trust

Marlene explains how easy it is to transfer accurate data into your school MIS.

Southbank UTC

Donna explains how easy it is to produce data and reports.

The Judd School

Ben highlights the key benefits that Admissions+ has for The Judd School.

Stamford Endowed Schools

Sue shares how she no longer needs to use external bursary management agencies anymore because Bursary+ does it all!

Eastbury Community School

Dom compares how admissions worked with Eastbury Community School before and after using Admissions+.

St Dominic's College

Hear from Robin, Hansa, Natasha and James on how Admissions+ transformed their enrolment day.

The Inspiration Trust

Graham shares how Enrolment Day now runs really smoothly with Admissions+ – no more queues of students around the block!

ALET, ARK, GDST & Greenshaw Learning Trust

Sarah, James, Dan & Marlene share how Admissions+ has made their MATs more efficient.

London Design & Engineering UTC

Sonya describes how Admissions+ made their enrolment process run really smoothly and saved so much time.

Dunraven School

Anne from Dunraven School describes how Admissions+ transformed their enrolment day

Lincoln University Technical College

Katherine talks about how Admissions+ make their enrolment day fast and efficient.

Sarah Dawson from ALET

All about Enrolment Day

Sarah from ALET explains how Admissions+ makes their enrolment day run smoothly and efficiently

Increased Operational Efficiencies

Sarah from ALET explains how Admissions+ improve their operational efficiency as a MAT and at the school level


Sarah explains how Bursary16+ has revolutionised their bursary process

Boost both internal and external students

Sarah talks about how many external students got attracted since using Admissions+

Admissions Improvement

Sarah shares how big of an improvement they got since using the Admissions+

Centralised platform

Sarah shares how Applicaa helped achieve her vision of creating a Centralised Platform

Frankie Bryan from Alderbrook School

Reflections on Bursary16+

Frankie from Alderbrook School shares his thoughts on Bursary16+

All about Enrolment Day

Frankie from Alderbrook School explains how Admissions+ makes their enrolment day run smoothly and efficiently

Centralised Platform

Frankie from Alderbrook School explains how a centralised platform makes their work to produce data and reports easier and safer.

Boost Sixth Form numbers

Frankie shares how the system helps boost the number of sixth form pupils enrolled


Frankie shares how much savings they get when using Admissions+

Helen Hall from St. Marylebone School

Google Form vs Admissions

Helen Hall shares her thoughts on using Admissions instead of Google Forms

One Platform

Helen describes how Applicaa’s CRM helped St. Marylebone School to achieve its vision of one platform for  all needs 

Save Time

Helen Hall from St. Marylebone School stated how they save huge time when using Applicaa’s CRM


Helen shares how the Admissions+ help their school with the integration process

Dianah Baker from Eltham Hill School

All About Enrolment Day

Dianah from Eltham Hill School shares her experience when using Admissions+ on their recent enrolment day

One Platform

Dianah describes how big the difference was when using Applicaa’s CRM for their school admissions and enrolment


Dianah shares the benefits the school gained after switching to Applicaa’s CRM

New System

Helen elaborates on the key factors that led them to look for a new and reliable system

Save Time

Helen described how much time they have saved and allocated to another task when using Admissions+

Joe Lyons from Trinity Sixth Form Academy

Convenience of Bromcom data transfer with Admissions+

Joe from Trinity Sixth Form Academy shared his experience with using Bromcom data transfer and Admissions+ and stated how convenient it was

How has Admissions+ helped school organise events

Joe share how Admissions+ was able to help their school run and organise events such as Open Day and Open Evening 

Esther Coppeard from School21

Growth of Sixth Form

Esther from School21 explains how using Admissions+ affects their workflow on school admissions.

Enrolment Day Experience

Esther from School21 describes how Admissions+ makes their enrolment day run smoothly and efficiently.

Benefits of Getting Admissions+

Esther from School21 describes the benefits of using Admissions+ on their school admissions.