Year 12 Enrolment

August 4, 2020

On enrolment day Admissions+ offers a smooth, digital process where Year 12 students can complete steps online for the school they are applying to. School staff can then pick up and complete the enrolment process. Having completed their application form, students progress onto enrolment by verifying all their information online, changing their grades from predicted to achieved, and uploading supporting evidence, either GCSE or other examination certificates.

School staff can see at a glance which students are in the ‘Details to be Checked’ stage and can then double-check the information entered before moving students to the ‘Ready to Enrol’ stage.

At this point, school staff can confirm the student’s chosen subjects for A-level (or other qualifications), add them to course blocks, and create the timetable. Schools can add a maximum number of places per subject and, once this is reached, a waiting list can be created. Admissions+ includes a live course summary which shows how many students are enrolled into each class as a proportion of that subject’s capacity. It also shows how many students are on a waiting list for each subject.

Using Admissions+, your school can offer a safe, virtual enrolment day for internal and external students removing the need for paper-based admissions forms, manual data entry, or having to decipher manually completed paper forms.

After enrolment day, the system provides easy reporting in terms of total enrolled numbers and the breakdown of the number of internal and external enrollments. All the data is easily transferred to your school’s MIS. This August, Applicaa will be enrolling 50,000 Sixth Form students across 300 schools. Admissions+ integrates with most market-leading MIS’ including SIMS, Bromcom, School Cloud and iSAMS see more at

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