Primary School Preparations

March 18, 2021

With primary allocation days fast approaching in April, could Admissions+ be the platform you need to smooth the process of collecting additional reference forms and to manage the enrolment into your school?

Although parents are not able to visit schools in advance as would normally be the case, they are still able to do online research using the school website, Ofsted reports, and local knowledge from other parents and friends and local publications before making the final decision. Admissions+ can then help smooth the process for parents and families as well as helping school staff.

With Admissions+ you can import the ATF file from the local council straight into the platform and then easily send out a beautifully branded School Welcome Email from the platform to all parents with just a few clicks.

Parents then log in using their unique email and password combination, from here they can easily add all the additional information your school needs including data on school meals and dietary requirements, selections for after-school clubs, any references that are required, medical information, and emergency contact information.

All the data will be securely stored in Admissions+ and from here you can do a swift data transfer into your school MIS, whether that may be SIMS, Bromcom or another provider. Data can be imported into and exported out of Admissions+ whenever it’s required. You can easily keep in touch with all the families at your primary school using our powerful email communication functionality which lets you send emails, check delivery rates, check open rates and see link clicks.

Admissions+ helped me to transition my admissions process so that it is completely online and digital. It has been a real time-saver. I recommend taking a look!

Ann Wayland, Buxton Primary School

If you plan to run virtual parent-teacher meetings throughout the year, you can manage the booking of these and send out links for virtual meetings with ease. You can even enable parents to book their own times from a range of options using the meeting booking facility.

We understand that a lot of primary schools don’t have the luxury of a dedicated admissions person and that applications are often managed in the school office by the Head’s Administrator who already has a very busy schedule. We aim to help school staff save time and administrative tasks through digitising the admissions process which means you are able to focus on your new students in September knowing that you have already collected all of their information in advance.

Our platform can also be used for Nursery School applications and has the option of recording how many hours of funding a child is receiving and what nursery sessions they are doing throughout the week making planning easy!

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