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September 11, 2020

We hope that all schools have had a great start to the new if somewhat different academic year. Many of our team have previously worked in schools and we all remember how the Autumn term can be one of the busiest especially when it comes to events! ?

During this term, there is usually at least one open day where prospective families can enjoy looking around different schools to get a first-hand experience and feel for the surroundings, the community, the teaching, and the school setting. Seeing the classrooms, location, grounds, and student’s work on the walls gives a real sense of reality for a potential applicant.

Sadly, these events are now unlikely to take place due to the current restrictions.

However, the good news is Admissions+ is the solution!

Using our cloud-based digital admissions system, you can manage your virtual open day event. It’s as easy as following these simple steps –

  1. We will create a beautifully branded webpage to manage online bookings for your virtual open day. Our system will store all the booking data for you
  2. Enable parents to select the school stage they are interested in so you can group them into the relevant virtual tour – e.g.: Nursery or Sixth Form
  3. Set a maximum number of event attendees so you know your event will not be too big
  4. Email groups of families with the LINK to your virtual open day and instructions
  5. Add links to other relevant information e.g.: a school prospectus
  6. Manage follow up emails to individuals or groups of parents and students
  7. With Admissions+ there is no need to BCC individuals! Write your email once and our system will instantly send a separate e-mail to each recipient in the group
  8. All your data will be stored and GDPR compliant
  9. You can now easily send other marketing material and invitations to people who attended your event helping you to convert more students for your school!

We have webinars coming up on how to manage your Open Day events with Admissions+. Visit

For more information about managing your open day event with Admissions+ please contact us at or email or call us on 0208 762 0882.


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