International Teamwork

July 28, 2020

Every organisation must have been touched by COVID-19 one way or another over the last few months as new ways of working become the practical option. Here at Applicaa, we already have an embedded digital culture across the business, which seems only fitting for creators of a digital school admissions platform.

During these recent months, it has been a joy to have online team catch-ups and regular meetings which span the time zones of the UK, Canada, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The sheer diversity of skill, culture, background, and insight makes our business an exciting place to be and offers our customers a better level of support and flexibility. Coupled with this, it drives innovation through the breadth of ideas and different perceptions. Making good use of excellent digital tools such as Slack, Zoom, HubSpot, and others, we are able to work effectively and talk daily with each other and with our customers who currently span 6 countries across 3 continents.

Our cloud-based digital admissions platform for schools and colleges enables parents and students to enter their own information into Admissions+ and for school staff to then transfer it easily to the school MIS, be that SIMS, iSAMS, Bromcom or Cloud School. The pandemic has quickened the pace at which schools consider this means of on-boarding. With the enforced absence of in-person induction and enrolment days, schools are getting creative with alternative delivery.

Having a truly diverse, committed, and energised team enables a culture where ideas, innovation, research, development, and creativity can thrive regardless of the challenges going on around us. We will be delighted if we can all meet up soon but, if we can’t, we will continue to meet virtually to share ideas and inspiration.


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