Admissions During Lockdown

May 9, 2020

Far from a regular school year, our schools have been closed since 20th March and we now know they are unlikely to reopen to all year groups until September or possibly later. Social distancing in Primary Schools would always have been distinctly challenging at best as friends would instinctively rush to greet each other after a considerable absence from social contact with peers.

Many of our nation’s teaching staff have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 effort, caring for and educating the children of our country’s keyworkers, enabling them to go out to work on the front line in hospitals and care homes whilst also educating the majority of students online.

These unprecedented times have brought about considerable empathy, support, and giving from communities across the globe. People have been switching their focus to caring for those most vulnerable. Local heroes have been uncovered, we have repurposed our priorities and found a renewed energy for the things that matter.

Schools will re-open, local high streets will buzz again, and the hum of traffic will once more drown out the sweet sound of birdsong. In the meantime, we work from home and, schools deliver ever more creative online learning techniques.

We are yet to see when all year groups may return to school and what measures will be in place from September. In the meantime, schools are pressing on with admissions for this year. During this unprecedented time, we are supporting schools to deliver virtual admissions and online enrolment days using our cloud-based solution. This enables your team to continue to work from home but to be no less effective. Prospective families enter their own enrolment data via school-branded website forms and the information automatically enters your school’s database. No more manual data entry!

If we can help your school, please contact our Sales Director, Alexia on for a chat about how we can support you and your teams.


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