How to Generate Time and Revenue for your Primary School


Published in Applicaa | January 17, 2023

Working in a school has to be one of the most inspiring working environments you could wish for. Being based in the main school office means you’re at the centre of everything and never short of a task. It will be no surprise to learn that I loved every moment of nearly 14 years working as an admin manager. 

In 2022 I was so excited to move to Applicaa so I could reach people working in education and share how Applicaa delivers cost and time efficiencies. Cost being paramount currently with the on-going cost of living crisis.

There are things I miss about working in a school, including the constant chatter of little people learning and sharing; hearing giggles from children trying to walk past the school office quietly after a PE lesson, working with SLT, teachers and supply agencies. I especially loved organising after school clubs to excite and inspire creative minds. 

Whilst I miss those things, I don’t miss the huge amount of administrative tasks I did before I decided to bring in Applicaa!

I completed a cost benefit analysis to prove to my headteacher that Admissions+ saved our Federation money and time in the school admissions process. I was right and was even able to use my new found time to generate school revenue through Pupil Premium and Free School Meal projects.

One of my core responsibilities was managing the school admissions process. As a working mum with 2 children, I know the importance of ensuring you find the right school for your child. Every child matters, as the EYFS statement proclaims – and they are right.

First impressions count and after I’d discovered how effective Admissions+ was at onboarding new pupils, I could start to really embrace it’s marketing features to help me attract and engage more families. 

I wanted to avoid SLT challenges about why prospective reception and nursery pupil numbers were low. Using Admissions+ as a marketing tool helped pupil numbers grow and ultimately generated more income for the school.

When I reflect, I often think about life before Admissions+, how did I ever manage to fit anything else into my school day?

I knew there would be savings for the school with the Applicaa system! Here are some key statistics that we know are the average savings schools see with the use of our software. It really is a compelling case!

  • £3,000 reduction in overall admin spend (100 hours)
  • £2,500 overtime saving – no more manual data entry into the MIS
  • £1,500 reduction in paper costs
  • Streamlined enrolment day increases sixth form on-roll numbers by 13% which is on average £25,000+ in extra funding

With National Offer Day around the corner, why not explore how Admissions+ will make your life easier? 

Admissions+ offers you the gift of time and ultimately head space, so you can look into revenue generating projects.

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