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Turbo Charge Your Open Evening

by | Oct 4, 2021

This term, schools can finally hold a ‘real’ open evening and welcome prospective pupils and parents back into school.

There is no doubt Open Evenings are big deal!

They provide prospective families with the opportunity to see a school’s facilities up close and to meet with staff and of course the brilliant pupils. It’s during these events a school is judged and measured against other schools. Parents file into the ‘store’, try on ‘outfits’ and see if the ‘shoes’ fit!

When our CEO, Guthrie, was a Geography teacher at Greenford High School, the Year 7’s and 8’s designed the most amazing Papier-mâché volcanoes and displayed them around the room.

Year 12 students would meet and greet prospective students and share their experiences of Geography A level, to enthuse (hopefully!) the next cohort, getting them excited about Sixth Form.

It’s no surprise that as a school you want to invest heavily in marketing and promoting your Open Evenings.

Instinctively, you know that families who visit are more likely to register for a place.

Do you also have the answers to these questions at your fingertips though?

  • What percentage of students who attended an Open Evening then completed an application?
  • How many converted into enrolled students?
  • Did you have students that enrolled despite not attending an Open Evening?
  • Did these students stay throughout the Sixth Form?
  • How good was the school’s follow-up after the event?
  • What about those that registered but were unable to attend?

With Admissions+, you can manage all of your school’s Open Evening needs with ease. Simply add a booking link to the school’s website and social media channels and in your emails to parents.

Parents click the link, complete a short online booking form and you collect the numbers! You know who to expect and you can even set a maximum number of attendees.

As the event approaches, it’s easy to keep registered parents informed and you can set reminders for parents 1 week or, 1 day before the event. On the day, you can easily keep a register of who has attended, and follow-up after the event is a breeze with our sophisticated communications functions ?

After the event, you can group attendees by ‘Attended’, ‘Didn’t Attend’, and ‘Didn’t Register’ and then tailor your follow-up communications with each group accordingly.

You can even send personalised ‘push’ notifications through our APP to nudge parents and students along to the next stage in the Admissions Journey, whether that be an Entrance Test or Application Completion.

Bespoke Admissions Journeys

As you’re all too aware from your own classes, no two pupils are the same. All student’s learning needs differ. In the same way, no two schools are the same and all admissions journeys differ.

That’s why, at Applicaa, we’ve designed and developed a platform that is fully flexible to suit the needs of your school and, because the entire admissions journey is in one platform, students can easily jump on the next stage of the journey with you. This gives your prospective students and parents a professional experience of your school and gets all students off to the best start.


Admissions+ includes powerful reporting and real-time data so you can see at a glance which point of the admissions journey your applicants are at and where they may be any leaks.

This enables your Admissions team to make data-driven decisions.

You’ll be able to see the data through the reports on Admissions+. You’ll be able to see what engagement parents have had with your school and you’ll be able to accurately assess and evaluate the performance of each initiative so that your team is better positioned to make decisions about where to deploy the budget.

Great to see St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, one of our colleges promoting their superb Sixth Form in their local area!

But don’t wait until your Open Evening has been and gone, get started with Admissions+ today with our ‘no-strings-attached’ 30-day free trial.

If after trialing our flexible system you decide not to continue, you can export your test data and will have nothing to pay!

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Lucy Brook

Lucy Brook

Hello, my name is Lucy, I look after marketing and operations for Applicaa and have worked in education sector marketing since 2012. I have three senior school-age children and have experienced the application process to a variety of different schools over the years including in the UK and the USA and across different stages from nursery to sixth form and different types of schools including state, grammar, and independent.

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