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Ensure a Smooth Enrolment Day with Admissions+

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This year’s GCSE results will be released on the 24 of August, which seems a long way off!

However, pressure to enrol sixth-form students quickly and to have everything ready for the new academic year in September arrives as soon as results are released.

Sixth form enrolment day is an exciting yet stressful time for students, parents and school staff. With numerous forms to fill out, deadlines to meet, and long queues to navigate on enrolment day, the process can be overwhelming.

You need a quick and efficient system that will cut extraneous paperwork, simplify the procedure, offer a digital audit trail, and—most importantly—speed up student enrolment so that your sixth form can be as full as possible with able students for whom you have accurate data.

With just a few clicks, all of your data will transfer over to your MIS with the use of Admissions+ full technological interface with the UK’s top school MISs, including Arbor, Bromcom, iSAMS, and SIMS.

Admissions+ alleviates pain points associated with enrolment day, making the journey stress-free and efficient for all parties involved. 😍

Embrace the power of Admissions+ to transform your sixth form enrolment process into a seamless and enjoyable experience. With our timetable manager functionality, you can…

  • generate a projected number of enrolled students for each course based on student interest
  • filter the student categories (e.g. only internal students)
  • identify students with subject conflicts
  • create different variations of a timetable to assess the impact on student allocation

The system offers a comprehensive enrolment report after enrolment day, along with a dashboard with real-time data updates for your institution. Want to know more?

Get started by joining our free webinars to learn more and unlock the benefits of this cutting-edge solution, click here to register.

Explore the world’s most optimized school CRM for managing all things admissions. Trusted by more than 1000 schools and colleges around the world.

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