Applicaa Announces Technical Integration with Arbor

Lucy Brook

Published in Applicaa | September 13, 2021

Today Applicaa announces it has completed full technical integration with Arbor MIS, the fastest-growing school management information system currently on the market. This means data entered into Applicaa’s Admissions+ software platform can now be seamlessly transferred into Arbor MIS. Data can also be transferred the other way, from Arbor back into Admissions+.

Used by over 1,900 schools and trusts across the UK, Arbor helps schools to work more easily and collaboratively and it became clear that Admissions+ needed to integrate with Arbor in order to meet the needs of our school customers. Admissions+ is now managing digital admissions for over 500 UK schools, covering all Under-18 educational stages.

As the best-in-class school admissions product, created by school leaders for school leaders, Admissions+ is the first choice SaaS platform for cutting-edge admissions management. This powerful combination of Arbor and Admissions+ will continue to help schools digitally manage all their day-to-day admissions needs from the beginning of a student’s school journey, right through to the end.

Applicaa Product Director, Antony Wambua says

 “It’s been a real joy working with Arbor to develop this integration. The Arbor team has been very supportive throughout and this integration will help schools to efficiently collect and transfer data between our two systems, saving schools a significant amount of time and providing parents and students with a wonderful user journey. Whether it’s managing Sixth Form applications, Year 7 data collection, Primary School admissions or In-Year applications, schools will be able to use our platforms to suit their individual requirements”.

Beth Mokrini, Partnership Manager at Arbor Education says
 “We’re delighted that the Applicaa team has successfully completed their integration with Arbor’s MIS, giving our customers a modern, sophisticated admissions management tool that links seamlessly with Arbor. We believe schools should be able to choose best-of-breed systems that speak directly to their MIS (without the pain of dual data entry, importing files or expensive middleware!). It’s been great working with the Applicaa team to make that a reality.”

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Lucy Brook

Hello, my name is Lucy, I look after marketing and operations for Applicaa and have worked in education sector marketing since 2012. I have three senior school-age children and have experienced the application process to a variety of different schools over the years including in the UK and the USA and across different stages from nursery to sixth form and different types of schools including state, grammar, and independent.