Sixth Form recruitment is critical in any school, whether maintained, independent, day, or boarding.

There are two recruitment streams, the continuation of Year 11 students moving into Year 12 and, new Year 12’s joining from other schools. It is important to strike a balance between the two. Both streams are important to boost numbers and ensure a thriving top-end for your school.

For retention, this can be a challenging time as students often look elsewhere post-GCSE’s, itchy feet driving them towards change. Thankfully, it is this same need for change that may supply your school with a fresh intake from other establishments.

In both scenarios, it is important to put the student at the centre of the process. The decision is a key milestone within their lifetime and one few will want to get wrong. Support and advice is key as pupils make tough decisions about A-level subjects, BTEC’s or IB, and about what future doors those decisions may open.

Some may consider a Sixth Form College with the promise of more freedom and independence coupled with the chance to make new friends and experience a life more similar to that of University.

Either way, using a digital admissions platform will remove many of the traditional administrative tasks that staff usually have to complete.

Admissions teams will have more time for personal contact (under normal circumstances) with families and students and this allows staff to deliver a more efficient and individual service.

Admissions+ digitises all the admissions processes, removes the need for paper forms, and allows students to complete their own admissions information. Forms can even be completed on a mobile phone. GCSE grades can be uploaded to the school and checked in order to access appropriate A level courses.

Our platform also enables the creation of online timetables, a very arduous task to complete manually. The course functionality means subjects can have a maximum number of students attributed to them and, once that number is reached, a waiting list is automatically created. 

Our existing customer schools have reported increases in their Sixth Forms by up to 30%, a significant difference leading to increased funding and, perhaps more importantly, a more diverse and vibrant Sixth Form.

If we can help your school, please contact our Sales Director, Alexia on for a chat about how we can support you and your teams.