Sixth Form Growth

Grow your Sixth Form with Admissions+.

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Why Admissions+ is a different admissions platform.

Transfer Data Automatically

Convert More Applicants

Transform Enrolment Days

Manage Meetings

Collect References

Track Course Popularity

Automatic Data Transfer

Save time and eliminate manual data entry by auto-transferring data to your MIS

Convert More Applicants

Increase enquiries and convert more applicants with better communication and follow-up

Transform Enrolment Days

Boost numbers of enrolled students by drastically increasing efficiency

Manage Meetings Efficiently

Take the hassle out of organising events & interviews by managing everything online

Collect References Easily

Collect reliable and accurate academic references online, saving time and effort!

Track Course Popularity

Stay up to date by instantly monitoring course popularity

Does your Enrolment Day look like this?

Transform your school’s processes with Admissions+.

  • Auto enrol students who meet grades
  • Communicate with applicants and parents
  • Automatically transfer data to your MIS
  • No manual data entry!

How much is each student worth?


*Based on the average Sixth Form funding amount of £5,000 per student, per year. (£10,000 for 2 years)