Terms and Conditions

Please read the Applicaa policies and terms and conditions carefully

Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

“Agreement” means the contract of supply between Applicaa and Customer relating to the Products subject to these conditions.

“Assignee” means a party to which Applicaa may assign its rights, title and interest in and to the Products and all payments due under the Agreement which shall include the right to enforce the payment of all the sums due under this Agreement.

“Authorised Users” means those users who are authorised by the Customer to use the Applicaa software.

“Applicaa Software” see “Software”

“Applicaa” or “Company” means Applicaa Ltd

“Contract Start Date” means the date that Applicaa commits resources to the contract and is the same as the Customer’s purchase order date.

“Customer” means the school, academy, dealer, distributor or other entity that is party to this contract with Applicaa.

“Delivery Date” means the date specified in the Order Acknowledgement for delivery of any Products. This date may be varied from time to time in respect of any Product by Applicaa giving notice to Customer.

“Follow Up Term” means the contract period which follows the Initial Term (or a previous Follow Up term). A Follow Up Term is a 5-year long term which follows the Initial Term (or a previous Follow Up term) unless notice is given by Customer to Applicaa at least 90 days in advance of the end of the Initial Term (or previous Follow Up term). The Follow Up term is on the same conditions as the Initial Term (or previous Follow Up term).

“Help Desk” is the Applicaa Help Desk which provides help and guidance by telephone, email, or other means to the Customer subscribing to the Help Desk service. Applicaa Help Desk provides help and guidance in the understanding of the Software, in the use of the Software and with any problems experienced using the Software and such help and guidance including the examination of and the provision of a solution to any reported problems with the Software.

“Initial Term” means the contract period shown on the Applicaa Quotation sent to the Customer and will be for a 1-year or multiple year contract. At the end of the Initial Term the contract will roll over on the same conditions to a 5-year long term (the Follow Up term), unless notice is given by Customer to Applicaa at least 90 days in advance of the end of the Initial Term to either terminate the contract at the end of the Initial Term or enter into a new contract for one year.

“Order Acknowledgement” or “Invoice” means Applicaa’s Order Acknowledgement or Invoice acknowledging and accepting a purchase order from a Customer subject to these terms.

“Products” means the Applicaa Software and services provided in the Agreement

“SaaS” means Software provided to the Customer as a Service in the form of “Software as a Software”. The Software is hosted and maintained on behalf of Applicaa and made available for use by the Customer from a Web Site Address that shall be notified to the Customer.

“Software” or “Applicaa Software” means the computer programs created Applicaa or on its behalf and accompanying documentation specified in the Order Acknowledgement together with any subsequent releases or updates of those programs (contracted for by the Customer) or documentation from time to time supplied or licenced by Applicaa to Customers. Software is a licence instalment to use as SaaS.

“Warranty Period” and “Warrant Claim Amount” means in relation to each item of Applicaa Software the period of the contract term and any warranty claim amount is limited to the purchase price paid by the customer of the software.

2. Agreement

Customer agrees to buy and Applicaa agrees to sell Applicaa Software and/or licence the user of the Applicaa Software and/or provide the Software annual maintenance service payment by Customer of the price and other sums including VAT and any other taxes specified in the Order Acknowledgement subject to these terms and conditions

3. Term or length of Agreement
4. Licence to use Applicaa and other software
5. Pricing and Payment
6. Applicaa Help Desk
7. Warranty
8. Termination by either party
10. Confidentiality

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