Relieved to Find Admissions+

January 14, 2022

I took a leap of faith recently and left a job that I loved to join the Admissions+ team. I left my school admin role because I wanted to share how Admissions+ could help people like me!

Having worked in schools for 14 years, I knew that returning to work after the Christmas holidays meant hitting the ground running.

Census was looming, I needed to remind parents to apply for junior school places, I had a Nursery to fill, Omicron rules to navigate, the daily DofE Covid-19 submission, daily registers (is it XO2 or XO8?!) and the phone never stopped ringing!

That’s why this time last year I was so relieved to find Admissions+.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Trees

One of the biggest pressure points in the spring term for me was planning and preparing for the September intake. The summer term was all about delivering my admissions plan.

I wish someone had told me about Admissions+ sooner because it would have removed the pressure I felt in anticipation of National Offer Day – April 19th this year. Offer Day was a few months away but I needed to be ready and there was a lot to prepare.

So, this term instead of standing at the photocopier, burning through reams of paper, save trees and look into how Admissions+ can make your life easier.

Admissions+ also makes your life easier in September – no more frustrated parents because you’ve mistyped an email into your MIS.

There are so many benefits to digitising your Admissions+ Form. The cost was a key factor for my Headteacher because Admissions+ saved the school money. Personally, I felt that removing the monotony of data input to my MIS was the main benefit. At the touch of a button, data auto-populates all the major MIS systems including Arbor, Bromcom, Cloud-School, iSAMS and SIMS.

What’s NOT to love?

  • Be Efficient – Free up your time to work on additional projects eg: pupil premium
  • Be Ready – Issue new pupil data to teachers, medical teams, safeguarding leads
  • Be You – Remove the weight from your shoulders and de-frazzle

Once you’ve said “yes” all you need to do is set up your admissions form and welcome email – next year, you can even miss that step out! The Admissions+ Customer Success Team is here to help you every step of the way and can even remote into your PC for guided support.

Admissions+ gave me control. I waited in excited anticipation of National Offer Day and I even had time to answer the phone before it reached 3 rings!

I know Admissions+ will completely transform your life in school, it will empower you to cope with the ever-changing demands of a busy school office and all your children will feel welcomed from the moment they step through the door.

To find out more we are running a Primary and Nursery Webinar on 26th January 2022 10:30 am. We’d love to welcome you – please just click to register.


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