Independent Schools

Do you spend valuable time dealing with admin and manually entering data? Replace this with Admissions+ and Bursary+ and see how easy a smooth, digital process is.

Admissions+ Can Help Your School to Reach Capacity

Many of our school customers report a 20% increase in pupil numbers within 2-years of using Admissions+ due to its easy, cloud-based offering, improved communication and accurate data capture.

iSAMS Integration

Admissions+ seamlessly integrates with your iSAMS database. Parents enter their information via your website. 


Admissions+ integrates with Panda Docs for secure online signatures on your acceptance forms.

Payment Gateways

Admissions+ integrates with Stripe to receive secure online registration and deposit payments.

ISAMS Integration


Payment Gateways

Our Partners

Our products integrate with the market-leading MISs including SIMS, iSAMS, Brcomcom, Arbor and Cloud-School. We also have built in digital signatures and an online payment gateway.

Admissions+ | For Digital Admissions Management

Bursary+ | For Independent and International Schools

With Bursary+, you can move all your bursary application and management needs online.

Bursary+ is a separate platform designed for independent schools to manage the application, review and offer of a fee assistance bursary.

This platform enables a swift application online with secure storage and an algorithm that calculates and then suggests the eligibility for a bursary.

The system also enables the management of annual renewals. Everything is in one place, you can control access to the information within the school and it meets GDPR requirements by removing forms containing sensitive financial information from your office.