Turbo Charge Your Enrolment Day

Applicaa’s digital technology revolutionises Sixth Form enrolment.

Power Up Your Enrolment Day with Admissions+

Try our Sixth Form enrolment day technology! Students apply online, they receive their GCSE grades in August, grades are imported, enrolment is completed digitally and timetables and class allocations happens automatically.

Still managing enrolment the old way?

A traditional Sixth Form enrolment day involves –

  • parents completing basic online forms
  • manual class allocation
  • manual creation of timetables
  • data errors and duplication
  • manual entry of data into MIS

Remove all this manual work and replace it with a smooth, easy, digital process and automatic data transfer.

Looking to grow your Sixth Form?

Many customer schools report a 10-20% growth in numbers within 1-2yrs of using our technology.

“40% from Outside our Borough”
"To get it all done in one day was fantastic."
“We knew the students that were coming to us in September.' ”
“40% from Outside our Borough”
Beth's Grammar explain how they grew their school with Admissions+.
"To get it all done in one day was fantastic."
James Roberts from Seven Kings explains how they used the class balancing technology.
“We knew the students that were coming to us in September.' ”
Clitheroe Royal Grammar explains how enrolment day works remotely and efficiently using Admissions+.
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Are you oversubscribed?

Using Admissions+ means you can import all your internal students ahead of time and then add in your external applicants and ensure a smooth and efficient enrolment process. Ensure Sixth Form retention of your most able students.

Key Features

Streamline your enrolment day, make sure your Sixth Form is full using our tailored digital enrolment functionalities. These are some of the key features you get with Admissions+.

Enrolment Real-time

Live activity update

Live timetable updates

Retain High Achievers

Red, Amber, Green coding

Entry restrictions

Academic Pathways

Group Students Easily

Core Enrolment Functionality

Make your life easier with these powerful recruitment tools and live reporting.

Key Benefits

‘Auto-balance is insane!’ – David Merchant, Assistant Headteacher, Wilmington Grammar

Simple Class Amendment

Auto Class-Balancing Technology

Auto-creation of timetables

Process multiple students simultaneously

Key Benefits



In App Announcements

Increase engagement

Improved parental communication

Android and ISO APP provides push notifications

Key Benefits

Import all student information, including User Defined Fields

Import documents e.g. Exam results, passports, photographs

Transfer Classes/students timetables

Save time using technology

Contact matching prevents duplicates

System prompts re updated addresses

Track conversion rates

Key Benefits

Track course popularity by year

Accurately predict course numbers

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Staff and pupils have found the platform easy to use. having all the information in one place has been a game-changer.

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Caroline Brennan
Tytherington School
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A quick and easy process.

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Sharon Garett
Co-Op Academies
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Great system, fantastic support and response to requests for fixes and new features. Impressed!

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Olga Stepanenko
St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College
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The big plus is not having to enter student data into SIMS.

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Jackie Colton
Chelsea Academy
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It is a very efficient system and cuts all manual input.

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Nicky Lowe
Kimberley College
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are part of a local admissions system, so can't change this. We are interested in using the enrolment system though. Is this possible? And is this straightforward?

Yes, this is possible. We have had schools use the system in the past that have only used Admissions+ for enrolment. Any student data you already have on your current systems can be exported and imported into Admissions+ ready for enrolment. Our knowledge base will show you how to do this.

Do SIMS grades for internal students auto update into enrolment section?

They do not auto-update however as soon as the student results are in, you can import them into each student’s profile as achieved grades. You can simply use a CSV file to do the import.

Will the SIMS integration allow the GCSE grades to transfer across? Currently we add these manually for new students?

Yes, any data which is in Admission+ will be transferred into SIMS. This includes the grades for the external students which have been achieved and confirmed.

Our Y11 students moving into Y12 do not apply for their Sixth Form place...do we need them to 'apply' using this system?

No. All their data can be collected from the MIS and imported into Admissions+. The system itself will setup the student profiles.

Will CTF's overwrite information imported from Admissions+

No. When you are importing the CTF, you will be prompted. You will have the choice of keeping the data transferred from Admissions+ or overwriting the data from the CTF.

During the initial 3 day integration process, does this affect Sims being used by the rest of the school?

Not at all. Others using SIMS will not be affected and there will be no need to reset the server SIMS is on.