Ensure your students receive the financial support they require with our simple to use Bursary16+ system.

Bursary16+ for simple management of post-16 bursaries

Administering the post-16 bursary for 6th Form students is very time-consuming. Does your school need help with the following?

  • Managing applications for bursaries
  • Checking eligibility
  • Processing multiple receipts
  • Having to authorise bursary payments
  • Communicating with the finance team
  • Keeping track of payments

This can all be a huge task!

Allow Applicaa to help by signing up for Bursary16+.


Bursary16+ Process

Apply Online

Students apply online and attach proof of eligibility

Award Bursaries

Forms can be checked online and students are accepted/rejected for Bursary based on eligibility

Upload Information

Students can easily upload receipts or make requests for resources

Authorise Payments

Requests can be authorised online and balance for each student is shown. Easy to manage fund.

Make Payments

Students receive a payment for the amount of the resource they purchased

Bursary16+ Online

 The Bursary16+ system is a very well-designed and simple to use system. There are step by step guides on how to setup the system to cater to your school’s requirements. Please contact us to request a demo.


What Do Schools Say?

“The bursary system has been invaluable in managing post-16 bursary applications and gathering confidential evidence. A profile is created for each student to manage their bursary application and confidential evidence. This holds data, evidence, bursary allocations, and all the expenses so we can work so much more efficiently

The communication tools available mean we can tailor personal messages or group emails. There is so much the system offers, including reporting. My school awards 800 bursaries and having the support of Bursary16+ has been the best investment, a brilliant tool for supporting our vulnerable students more effectively.”

Michelle Burke

Solihull Sixth Form College