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by | Apr 22, 2022

GCSE results will be out on 25th August this year, which seems a long way off. As soon as the results are out, the pressure is for schools to enrol Sixth Form students for the start of the new academic year in September.

You need a fast and effective system to do this that will remove unnecessary admin, make the process easy, provide a digital audit trail, and most importantly, speed up enrolment for the students which helps to ensure your Sixth Form is full.

If you are one of the 750 schools now using Admissions+, enrolment day is a breeze!

We have customer schools that have 3,000 or more Sixth Form applicants managed on Admissions+, we have another that used to have a 2-hour queue around the block on enrolment day and they report that this has now gone because the process is so much more efficient and they can meet face to face with the students without administrative distractions.

Our enrolment funnel has 4 clear steps.

See students move through the funnel with our easy-to-view digital enrolment process.

-Step 1 – Enrolment Pending

-Step 2 – Details to be Checked – students complete their enrolment form online and upload their GCSE results. The student then appears in the ‘Details to be Checked’ area of the platform where staff can review the student’s details, check their results, and their choice of Sixth Form subjects.

-Step 3 – Ready to Enrol – once checked, the student automatically appears in the ‘Ready to Enrol’ where they are added to the courses they have chosen and are eligible for. Staff can see students being added to classes in real time and can see limits on class sizes.

-Step 4 – Enrolled – once complete, the student appears in the ‘Enrolled’ area. An automatic email is then triggered to let the student know they have been enrolled and onto which courses.

Admissions+ has full technical integration with the UK’s leading school MISs – Arbor, Bromcom, Cloud-School, iSAMS, and SIMS, so all your data will move across into your MIS with just a few clicks!

With our timetable manager functionality, you can –

  • generate a projected number of enrolled students for each course based on student interest
  • filter the student categories (e.g. only internal students)
  • identify students with subject conflicts
  • create different variations of a timetable to assess the impact on student allocation

The system provides a full enrolment report after enrolment day plus you have a dashboard with live data updates for your school. Here’s some of the feedback we received last August.

  • “Straightforward to use” Drayton Manor High School
  • “Efficient and accurate” Waldegrave School
  • “Easy to Use” The King John School
  • “Colour-coding in real-time is very useful” Seven Kings School
  • “Efficient and easy to use” Clitheroe Royal Grammar School
  • “Worked well to go through large numbers of students. When calling for support got through to someone who could help”   Bristol Cathedral Choir School
  • “No messing just hand on deck. Well-structured and straight to the point” Broadway Academy
  • “Efficient, easy to navigate” Preston Manor School
  • “It was straightforward and easy to use” Lordswood Girls School

To get a great enrolment day set up for your school, please email and be ready early!

Lucy Brook

Lucy Brook

Hello, my name is Lucy, I look after marketing and operations for Applicaa and have worked in education sector marketing since 2012. I have three senior school-age children and have experienced the application process to a variety of different schools over the years including in the UK and the USA and across different stages from nursery to sixth form and different types of schools including state, grammar, and independent.
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