Need to Remove Enrolment Pressure?

by | Oct 8, 2021

The Government has now released information relating to the A level and GCSE exams in 2022. GCSE results will be out on 25th August, then the pressure is on, with only a few days between results day and the start of the new term, you need a fast and effective system to enrol your new Year 12 students without the need for additional admin.

Admissions+ is a game-changer! ?

Why Admissions+?

Our enrolment funnel has 4 clear steps, see your students move through our easy-to-view digital enrolment funnel

  • Step 1 – Enrolment Pending
  • Step 2 – Details to be Checked
  • Step 3 – Ready to Enrol
  • Step 4 – Enrolled


  • Our unique class-balancing technology automatically balances your classes so none of them are too full or too small
  • Admissions+ has full technical integration with the UK’s leading school MISs including – SIMS, Arbor, Bromcom and Cloud-School
  • We will also have full integration with iSAMS very soon!
  • See a full enrolment report with live data updates for your school
  • Ensure speedy, clear communication with students and parents
  • Enrol your internal Year 11’s – import their grades straight away so you are ready to go on enrolment day!


What Do Our Customer Schools say?

‘It’s a game-changer and it’s made our lives easier. Our recruitment from last academic year to this academic year illustrates that what we did worked’. Charlotte Burton, Head of Post 16, Tupton Hall School

‘Staff and pupils have found the platform easy to use. All the information is in one place from application to enrolment which has been a game-changer. Caroline Brennan, Head of Sixth Form, Tytherington School

‘A quick and easy process.’  Sharon Garett, Co-Op Academies

‘Great system, fantastic support and response to requests for fixes and new features. Impressed!’  Olga Stepanenko, Head of Data & Systems, St. Charles Catholic Sixth Form College

Hear what Tupton Hall Sixth Form team say on Using Admissions+ for Enrolment Day Enrolment Day

If you would like to remove your Sixth Form enrolment pressure, please speak to the Applicaa team | | 0208 762 0882

Lucy Brook

Lucy Brook

Hello, my name is Lucy, I look after marketing and operations for Applicaa and have worked in education sector marketing since 2012. I have three senior school-age children and have experienced the application process to a variety of different schools over the years including in the UK and the USA and across different stages from nursery to sixth form and different types of schools including state, grammar, and independent.
Explore the world’s most optimized school CRM for managing all things admissions. Trusted by more than 1000 schools and colleges around the world.

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